The artist duo Synchrodogs originates from the Ukraine, where Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven fell in love and started to work together as professional artists under one name. Ever since, they have been working in the fields of art and fashion photography, blurring the boundaries between the two.



09_bullshit_1000 1002099_545895785445569_1227389150_n 1186861_566022363432911_1497381287_n 1380122_613180868717060_1151223769_n 1391541_592524477449366_132923856_n 1459299_598885383479942_652739794_n 1544326_656411151060698_609041734_n Animalism_Naturalism_by_Synchrodogs_5_ Animalism_Naturalism_by_Synchrodogs_6_

In their series ‘Synchrodogs: Semiotics of the Predominant’ they expose the raw, naked and utterly sincere work of two lovers. They mainly use themselves as a showcase for their studies, playing with their analog cameras, deconstructing human personality and producing images that dig deep into the core of human nature itself. ‘Synchrodogs’ find inspiration in nudity and people’s eccentricity, mixing in Western and Ukrainian/Byzantine tradition, with references to folklore and local art.


Animalism_Naturalism_by_Synchrodogs_18_900_1000 Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism_1__1000

Their main interest lies in bringing primitive instincts out of a viewer; provoking animalistic behavior and emotions and allowing one to embrace their natural beauty. The photographs are pure, intimate, symbolic and full of instinct, capturing the subject with a ‘hardcore flash’ that endows an image with the effects of modernity making it stand as if it is taken in an instant moment and immediacy.

Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism_2_web_1000 Synchrodogs_nature_6_900 synchrodogs_reverie_sleep_1_700_1000 synchrodogs_reverie_sleep_2_800 synchrodogs_reverie_sleep_3_640 synchrodogs_reverie_sleep_5_760_1000 synchrodogs_reverie_sleep_9_720_1000 synchrodogs_reverie_sleep_11_730






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